Our Vision

Paparoa Range School

"Creating successful citizens empowered to learn"

Our Values

Values are those things that really matter to each of us - the ideas and beliefs we hold as special. The values need to be understood and practised regularly in order to become ‘second nature’ through the way we act and behave at Paparoa Range School. At Paparoa Range School, we are working towards becoming 'Paparoa Rangers'.

We believe that the foundations for effective pedagogy are:

  • Safe and vibrant classrooms
  • Challenging and supportive environments
  • Goal Setting
  • Numeracy and literacy proficiency
  • Ako - Students as teachers and teachers as students
  • Evidenced based
  • Reflects school's vision and values

We believe that relationships are fundamental to successful learning We strive for relationships that show understanding of our students and are:

  • Positive and caring
  • Respectful and honest
  • Open and fair
  • Tolerant and show active listening

Key Competencies

Key competencies are more than skills; they are the capabilities people need in order to live, learn, work and contribute as active members of their communities. Capable people draw on and combine all the resources available to them: knowledge, skills, attitudes and values:

Paparoa Range School

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