About Us

Paparoa Range School

Paparoa Range School was established in 2005 following on from a District Network Review by the Ministry of Education. Brunnerton, Kaiata, and Stillwater schools merged into the Brunnerton site at Dobson, and the Blackball School became a satellite school of Paparoa Range. The two schools are 18 kms apart. Paparoa Range is a U2 and has a decile five rating. We cater to students from Year 1 to Year 8. We have four classrooms at the Dobson site, and one classroom at Blackball. Paparoa Range School is located 10kms inland from Greymouth.

The buildings at the Dobson site consist of six permanent teaching spaces, library, a multi-purpose room, new administration block, covered swimming pool and a community hall across the road. The school grounds have been upgraded. The Blackball site consists of two classroom spaces and an administration area.

The Dobson site students come from Dobson, Kaiata, Taylorville, Stillwater, and Ngahere. Blackball site students come mainly from Blackball and Atarau. The school owns and operates a bus and has a minivan. A Ministry school bus also operates from Atarau to Blackball.

Our Beliefs:

We believe that the foundations for effective pedagogy are:

  • Safe and vibrant classrooms

  • Challenging and supportive environments

  • Goal Setting

  • Numeracy and literacy proficiency

  • Ako - Students as teachers and teachers as students

  • Evidenced based

  • Reflects school's vision and values

We believe that relationships are fundamental to successful learning We strive for relationships that show understanding of our students and are:

  • Positive and caring

  • Respectful and honest

  • Open and fair

  • Tolerant and show active listening

Our Team:


Principal Annelies Bierings

Associate Principal Jill Cogger

Class Teachers

Room 2 Sue Gibson

Room 4 Nichola Humby

Room 6 Larni Martin

Room 8 Jill Cogger

Support Staff

School Secretary Wendy Williams

Caretaker Dalwyn Neville

Cleaner Jenny MacFadgen (Dobson site)

Cleaner Sharlene Kippenberger (Blackball site)

Bus Driver Drummond Young

Teacher Aides

  • Kim Rees, Karen Wells, Kim Waterman

Board of Trustees

Board Chair Sindi McLeod

Principal Annelies Bierings

Staff Representative Larni Martin

Parent Representatives

  • Louise Gault

  • Sindi McLeod

  • Lisa Verwey

  • Jackie Oakden

Minutes Secretary Wendy Williams

Paparoa Range School

Herald Street, Dobson, Greymouth 7805 - Chamberlain Street, Blackball, Greymouth 7871

(03) 762 5740 I principal@paparoarange.school.nz I office@paparoarange.school.nz