Enrolment Information

Paparoa Range School

You'll find our enrolment information on this page, including our general day to day procedures for absences, assemblies, uniform, buses, special needs, health support, technology, home and school, and behaviour guidelines for our students.

New Entrant Enrolments

Children are enrolled from their fifth birthday. Children cannot be enrolled before their fifth birthday, but some familiarisation visits prior to enrollment is strongly recommended. The normal procedure is for visits to be arranged four weeks prior to starting. This normally consists of 1-2 visits for a morning session. Please ring the school office on 03 762 5740 to arrange this.  A copy of your child’s birth certificate and vaccination certificate must be left at the school office. 

Transfers from other schools

When the necessary enrollment forms have been completed at the school office, the child will be placed in what is considered to be the correct class level. This will be confirmed when the records from the previous school are received.


When children are absent through sickness or other reasons, caregivers are expected to advise the school through a phone call or a note by 9am of the morning the student is away on 03 762 5740 or text the school phones. Caregivers will be contacted if this has not happened, as we need to be assured our children are safe. In the case of concerns over absences, the ‘Attendance  Service’ will be contacted at the Principal’s discretion.


These are to be held every second Friday. Assemblies are used for announcements, rewards, recognition and presentation of student’s work. Parents are encouraged and invited to attend.  Assemblies are advertised in our school newsletter.


These are an important means of communication. Newsletters come home fortnightly on a Thursday.  If you prefer your newsletter to be emailed, please provide your email address. 

Behaviour Management

At Paparoa Range School we have a behaviour code that is displayed in all classrooms. At the beginning of each year children are involved in setting up a classroom management plan and contract which goes home to the parents/caregivers to be signed. Appropriate behaviours are rewarded and there are consequences for inappropriate behaviours. 

Concerns and Complaints

If at anytime you feel unhappy about any aspect of the school please be sure to contact your child’s teacher. If action does not appear to have been taken it would be appropriate to contact the Principal either by telephone on 021 0871 6353 or by coming along to the school. Major concerns should be directed to the Principal as soon as possible.  Here is information on the Concerns and Complaints process.  Please complete this form if you wish to put your concerns in writing.


The school owns and operates it own buses to transport the children at our Dobson Site and Harkerss operate the bus service at our Blackball Site. Children who are eligible to travel to and from school on the bus will be given a School Transport Assistance form to fill out. All children are required to sign a bus transport contract as we use the buses to transport children on trips and sports days. 


It is important that children have a balanced diet and a variety of healthy foods to consume each day. Our school is part of the Ka Ora, Ka Ako programme funded by the Ministry of Education to provide each child with a healthy lunch. Please supply healthy snack foods to be eaten at morning interval. Water should be in a plastic bottle, there are no drinking fountains on our sites. No fizzy drinks, chocolate bars or confectionary items are allowed.


Stationery is purchased online through Paper Plus or The Warehouse.  Lists are available from the school office or Paper Plus holds our class lists..

House Teams

All children are in whanau groups that compete in team challenges together. The houses are Davis, Croesus, Anderson and Hawera after peaks on the Paparoa Rangers. 

Special Needs

The school identifies and develops programmes/strategies to address the needs of children/groups of children. Parents are involved in the development/implementation/evaluation of programmes. Whenever needed, expert advice, guidance/support is sought from outside providers.

Dental Clinic

The Dental Nurse works at the school once a year. She operates out of a dental caravan. Children should be enrolled at the clinic from 2 years. Contact can be made to this service on School Dental Services, C/- Community Services Dept, Grey Hospital, PO Box 387, Greymouth. Ph (03) 7697710

First Aid

The school staff will handle minor accidents. If a child suffers an accident at school and it is felt that a doctor’s advice is necessary, then the parents will be contacted immediately.

If parents cannot be contacted then the school will make any decisions required and act accordingly. Please advise the class teacher if pupils need to take medication during the school day. Records and medication are kept in the school office.

Health Nurse

The Health Nurse visits the school regularly to check up on any health problems.

Hearing and Vision

Hearing and vision personnel visit to conduct tests at certain age levels. Parents will be informed about this before it happens.

Hi-Vis Vests

 High Vis Vests are to be worn by children travelling to and from school. The benefit of wearing a High Vis Vest is to ensure students are visible when waiting for the bus, walking or biking to school. Your child will be provided with a High Vis Vest Usage Agreement that needs to be signed and returned. 


The children have access to the library when necessary. Books are borrowed for a two weekly period. Please ensure your child really looks after the books while they are at home as they are expensive to replace.

Book Club

A children’s book purchase club operates within the school. This is the Scholastic Book Club and allows children and parents/caregivers the opportunity of buying quality books at reduced prices. Twice each term children are supplied with illustrated brochures to take home where requirements are marked and returned with the money to the school office. Cheques are to be made out to Paparoa Range School or Scholastic NZ. Books arrive in bulk about a fortnight later. 


Our Year 7/8 children travel into Greymouth High for technology on Thursday once a fortnight.  Greymouth High School has guidelines set that students must wear correct school uniform, tie long hair back and wear covered shoes


All children receive swimming instruction during the warmer months. Junior Children are asked to bring swimming gear every day even when the weather appears to be unsuitable. As swimming is part of the curriculum, parents/caregivers must notify the school if for some reason their child is unable to take part. Senior children use the Blackball Community Pool.

Jewellery/Personal Effects

The following items are prohibited at school: radios, ipods/earpods, cell phones, expensive toys, pocket knives and jewellery (except for watches and ear studs/sleepers), make up/nail polish.

Home and School

We have an active parent team that meets regularly to organise fundraising events for our school. If you are interested in being part of this team, please contact the school or look in the newsletter for the next meeting. 

Helpers in the Classroom

Parent helpers are always welcome, particularly in the junior school. Assistance can be invaluable in helping with individuals and small groups, preparing materials and helping in the general organisation of the classroom. If you are interested in being a parent helper please contact the teacher of that particular classroom. Note – parent helpers don’t necessarily have to be parents. Anyone who is interested will be most welcome provided that they are able to make some regular commitment.

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